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Are the products offered on the site new and authentic?

The products marketed on our site are not authentic. That is, they are not manufactured in the
official factory.

Are the products shipped in their original boxes?

No. If you want to have the box, you will have to add the option “shipping with the box?” on
the cart page. + 8€ of shipping costs for each added box.

Is the payment safe?

Our site uses SSL technology to protect your information. In addition, when you send a payment, the recipient does not receive any financial information about you, such as your account or credit card number.

Why is my payment failing?

The reasons for refusal of payment can be various (amount available in the insufficient account, expired card, technical problem in the transmission of information, etc.). It is preferable that the name indicated on the delivery address is identical to that of the card used for payment. Yes, after several payment attempts, it is not yet validated. You are welcome to try again within 24-48 hours.

I want to return or change my product, how to do it?

All sales on sneakersxparis are definitive. Sneakersxparis is a shipping market, which means that all the items we offer on this site are provided by independent suppliers. Once a product is sold, the supplier receives payment for its goods. For this reason, we are not in a position to deal with refunds or exchanges. Refunds are ONLY processed based on performance errors, such as incorrectly shipped or missing items.

I haven’t received my package, what can I do?

If you have not yet received your order, it is because your package is still on its way and should arrive at your home very soon. You are also requested to verify the estimate date. And if the estimation date is exceeded, it is sometimes possible that the national network will be more loaded than usual. We continue to depend on the delivery part of carriers such as La Poste, Chronopost, Correos, Royal Mail, Swiss Post, BPost, Dhl paket or DHL. We choose these transporters because they are generally reliable, but sometimes they can be a little longer or less reactive than usual. Please also verify that the address in the summary of your order is good, complete, well written and your name is clearly visible in the mailbox and accessible. Lack of information may delay your shipment. If your shipping address is correct and the delivery time has expired, please feel free to contact us via our online form, our team is here to help you.

In which country is the delivery available?

Deliveries are made worldwide.

What are the shipping costs?

Express shipping: 8€